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Diversity & Inclusion


Women’s Empowerment

Personal growth



Sample Topics:

Women’s Empowerment:

• Women’s Empowerment: know your worth and understanding your brand

• Women in business: What is power?

• If the jobs not listed make it up

• Life of a ballet dancer – “There is no such thing as a black ballerina”

• Self- Empowerment


• Using your strengths to change your career

• Branding: Putting it all together (tell your story)

• If the job’s not listed make it up

• Lessons I learned owning a business in Japan

Race/ Diversity:

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity What does it mean to your company?

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity What does it mean to you?

What is Diversity?

Race and Talent in America and Abroad (stories of African American ballet dancer & Businesswoman)

Transforming Your Life/ Inspirational

• What is peace to you? What brings you peace?

• Let’s speak about Death, Dying and Living

• Feeling lost trying to do and be better

• Transforming your life by accepting your past, understanding the moment and building your future