Change Agent

Educate, Empower, Engage

We spend our lives educating ourselves rather than trying to empower ourselves and others only to realize we are not as engaged as we thought we were.

My goal is to build new awareness and strengthen the tools in individuals Personal, Spiritually and Business lives. Allowing them to listen and live in their authentic voice.

Building their awareness and strengthening tools in their Personal, Spiritually and Business lives.

Leslie Short

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Change Agent

I’m excited to engage with many by expanding my outreach to include inspirational speaking. From the barre to the showroom to the board room, I look forward to sharing my journey.

From my ballet days, European adventures, TV studios, fashion showrooms to serving on boards, I bring these experiences as my new endeavors unwind. I will continue to create unique and branded events through K.I.M. Media LLC and help those families and individuals in need with ABM and ABM mediation.